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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 31, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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you, head over to facebook and twitter, tell us what is your favorite halloween candy. that's all the time we have left this evening, thanks for being with us. monday, we are one day new mexico the midterm elections, hope you have a great weekend. . see you then. >> it is down to the wire. tempers are flying, insults being flung all sorts of really mean accusations. yep, election day is coming and republicans are pulling out all the stops to regain control of the senate. tonight, we are taking you across the country inside critical races that will decide it all. "on the record" has live team coverage of those key races from the senate showdown to kentucky and iowa to the governor's races in florida and wisconsin. we begin in iowa. a high stakes race for the u.s. senate. it's also a dead heat for open senate seat. republican state senator joni earnst battling bruce braley. >> this could be a turning point for the united states of hurricane. >> i think this race, bruce's race is especially important. >> joni earnst is not on
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your side. >> it is going to take all of us pulling together to unite this party. >> i stand on the side of awians. >> every one of you get out and vote. >> have a straight talk. it's going to come down to get out the vote. >> and the a.p.'s catherine lucy is live in des moines. catherine, this one is a nail biter. what story? who is up earnst braley or is this within the margin of error? >> you know like most people of iowa i'm on the edge of me seat too. this is so close. the polls all show this just razor then going in the last couple of days. touring the state, blanketing the airways ware waives with positive and. senator john mccain. bruce braley has president obama in tomorrow. and this is is the the first time iowa has had an open senate seat in decades. and they are desperately
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trying to pull out all the stops to close this deal. >> all right, well president obama took the iowa caucus in 2008. so i guess that representative braley is not running from him like many democratic -- >> -- that's my mistake. it's not president obama it's president clinton who is here tomorrow. i apologize. president obama has not been near iowa this entire election. president bill clinton who is still very popular here in iowa. he is coming in tomorrow to do a huge rally in ghoin with james taylor. also doing a fundraiser up in waterloo where braley is from. the only obama we have seen in the state is michelle obama, not president obama. >> all right. what do you think is the most important issue? what do people in iowa really care about as the people who still aren't decided? what matters? >> it's interesting. a lot of talk about a variety of issues on the trail. you know, including social issues like abortion, but we had some polling out from
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the a.p. this week which really shows what people are really focused on is the economy and healthcare. those kind of pocketbook issues i think are really the top concerns for voters in this race. we are all watching it. all eyes on iowa on tuesday. catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> and now to kentucky the blue grass state. it's also a nail biter. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is fighting to keep his seat. >> there is nobody running in america this year, the liberals want to be more than the guy you are looking at. i'm proud of my enemies. >> it makes a big difference who wins this election. and alisyn lundergan grimes should win it and will with your help. >> it's the economy, stupid. >> obama needs alisyn grimes, kentucky needs mitch mcconnell. >> we will take this fight to mitch mcconnell and hold him accountable for his 30
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years of failed leadership. >> and "on the record" sam youngman from the kentucky leader. nice to see you, sam. >> good to be with you, greta. >> where does this stand? this has been like neck and neck. >> i know. we are sort of missing the suspense that we had just a week ago like what they are having in iowa. we just put out a poll yesterday last poll before the election shows senator mcconnell with a little bit of separation now 38% to 33% lead. i will say that democrats here are excited. ground game. does look like right now from every indication we are seeing. sixth term and quite possibly become jort leader. >> is senator mitch mcconnell running. 27% approval rate in kentucky. is that what the story is or it against alisyn lundergan grimes? >> no. i think if you ask senator
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mcconnell he would say alisyn lund grim who? this is your last chance against president obama. two, make me majority leader and you have a kentuckian looking out for you every day. i think he has had a great deal of success in tieing alison lundergan grimes tieing her to the president. >> probably a lot of undecides, right? some, what's going to throw it either way? >> yeah, our polls showed about 6% undecided. a lot of pollsters i'm talking to aren't seeing that many. they are saying that people are pretty much locked in. you know, i think down the stretch. you know, people are sort -- democrats are really throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, try different messages, senator mcconnell for his part in
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town this morning. senator mcconnell's stump speech hasn't changed at all in the last six months. i think the goal for him is just to make sure his voters turn out and don't make any down the stretch. >> we will be watching six% undecided and 5% difference in the polls that still seems like nail biter to me. >> and now, florida high octane governor's race is too close to call. rick scott trying to fend off charlie crist. >> i love florida and i want to make sure that we protect it. >> charlie lost 232,000 jobs and charlie said he was powerless. he said there was absolutely nothing he could do about jobs. >> i am so happy to be here to support charlie crist, the next governor of florida! [cheers] >> how many of you all have voted. >> we're going to win because we are getting our votes out. >> poor charlie doesn't have a title. he wants to run for governor
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again because he wants the title again. give new title loser. >> mary ellen class joins us. what a race down there. three major television markets who is up florida once again is going to deliver another nail biter. things have been so tight. they have been -- the recent polls show that they are within the margin of error, both candidates, so there is no telling which direction it's going to go. >> you know, it's so interesting about florida because it's such a big state. so many different interests, the older community down there conservative community wild state isn't it to watch? there is a lot of visits. a lot of areas four years ago went one direction have
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changed. we have got some areas that are more blue this time around. miami dade the senator of the state is a little more blue. on the other hand, the republicans continue to turn out in midterm elections far better than democrats do. the democrats have been cutting into that margin a little bit in voting. we have had two weeks of early voting. but it's -- it's really down to the wire whether that is going to be enough for them to pull it over on election day. >> i don't mean to be disrespectful governor scott or former governor crist. i get the sense down there that voters are going to the polls a little bit holding their nose not wild about either candidate. am i right? >> you are absolutely right. part of the reason is that neither of the candidates have given voters have a whole lot to vote for them don't vote for the other guy. who is the least best as
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karl said over the weekend. we will be watching and florida never disappoints us with making it exciting, thank you. >> and now, back north, we're going to go back to the midwest to the great state of wisconsin where right now the governor's race is a fierce one. neck and neck. republican governor scott walker mary burke. we are going to move this forward. the republicans clearly have a significant advantage in turnout. >> oh, it's good to be back in wisconsin. >> i don't need people stick. >> if everyone voted it would still be an extremely close race. >> the only poll that matters is the one we take next tuesday. >> the milwaukee sentinel journal joins us. who is going to win this governor's race. this is a a state really divided over scott walker. he has carved out a lead in
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the likely voters in the last major poll in this race. what's interesting about the poll is his gains came from not any big opinion shifts in the electorate as a whole but from intensity gap. reallyunder scores the role that turn out. >> what about the ads? how fierce. >> i am a cheese head. you wonder how much the impact allegation. whether she was forced out o. counter charges, questions about some of those sources and their political ties. that's really kind of raised the temperature of this race at the end. >> you know, looking back at the history of wisconsin ground game is important.
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undecides at this point. very few. but, again, that's why it's so important for democrats to try to kind of raise levels. we know that the governor's republican base is really loyal and really motivated and that's probably his political strong suit. >> if he wins. >> most people think scott walker wants to run for president. i think the expectation will be that he will take a really hard look at this race, if he wins. i think there is some question about, you know, if the margin is super narrow how much of a springboard his victory will give him in a possible presidential race. obviously if he loses the race his presidential ambitions are stalled. >> of course if his opponent wins that would be the first woman governor in the state of wisconsin in history,
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right? >> right. and probably governor in madison, unlikely the democrats will take back the legislature. >> craig, thank you, we will be watching on tuesday. thank you. and now, heading south in the bayou state. louisiana, that's where you find ortega taking heat that is after she woman president obama struggles to be popular because is he african-american. >> >> in the south not always the friendliest place for african-americans. it's been a a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader. be able to present ourselves. it's more of a conservative place. we have had to work a a little bit harder on that. >> and "wall street journal" jason riley joins us. race baiting. a lot of the ads has been going on in the south and
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then you have this comment from senator land drew. is that sort of a democratic strategy or is the "new york times" reading too much in this. >> an absolutely strategy white house on down. this is what they have been doing. scaring blacks to the polls. i would just remind senator land dupre in 2006 john kerry in. states like texas, and georgia, and the carolinas and virginia. if the south has a problem with obama's skin color, that's a funny way of showing it. >> is this sort of a recent thing that we go down to the wire that he would are now hearing more of these racial issues instead of like a hail mary toss? she has a tough race down there. is that why we are hearing this? >> she has a tough race and the president's approval rating is down in the state because of the policies. state of louisiana, particularly with regard to energy. as she mentioned in the
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first part of her answer. so she has got a problem there. she wants the president black voters to come out and support her. she is trying to reconcile that that, i think explains in part she played the race card. it belies this motion that the left wants to become post racial, that's the last thing they want to do. and you see it play out when we get down to the wire in close elections like this. they thrive on identity politics. playing people against one another, divvying us up according to race or gender or sexual orientation or what have you and making specific appeals based on those differences, that's what the left does and this whole notion that they want to get beyond it and long for post racial is nonsense. >> the african-american vote largely democratic his terrifically, i'm curious whether the democrats have earned it or expect it. black under obama you would have to say no.
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take for granted. if you look at black unemployment. black labor anticipation, black ownership. black all of those categories. i don't know why should be eager to maintain harry reid as senator starts over the past six years. >> jason, thank you. >> thank you. >> some democrats senate races in the south. >> for instance, campaign ads ferguson, missouri, trayvon death. >> won't fight for us. instead, he made it harder for communities to vote. restricting early voting and voter registration. tillis led the effort to pass the fight to stand your ground laws that caused the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> and joining us special assistant to president george w. bush and daily beast columnist ron christy. basically two issues. whether the ads are accurate and honest second issue is
11:16 pm
whether they work. >> they are not accurate and they are not honest. i think it's disgraceful. >>. we don't have people burning crosses and we don't have lynchings and people discriminating against americans based on the color of their skin, the democrats are running scared. they are running and they are staying we are going to lose this election. we don't have the momentum on ideas. we don't have mope momentum behind the president's policies. we need our greatest constituency the african-american vote to come out and vote for us, and the best way for us to do it is not a positive message. it's scaring folks. will it work? i don't think so, i think it's a cynical ploy it's disgraceful and shameful. >> the african-american vote has been a democratic vote. >> it has been. and the president got 93% of the african-american vote obviously for his re-election. but my family is from georgia. my family is a direct dissen dent of slaves. my mother and my father are upset with what this president is saying and what
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the democratic party in georgia is doing of trying to scare african-americans to come to the vote and go to the polls by using lynching imagery. by using they are going to take our vote away. by using that sort of nomenclature. positive agenda is. my folks and many people around this country want to hear something positive from the democrats and using this sort of tactic, greta i think is going to back fire. what do the republicans offer african-americans? >> i think the republicans offer african-americans looking of people as individuals, not looking at people based on the color of their skin, if you want to hard, if you want toif you wantf achieve the american dream come to the american party. if you want to be viewed as a color or viewed as someone as a ethic member or gender member. come to the democratic party. the republican party's vision in our message is a hope looking at people as individuals and saying collectively it's people -- out of one many.
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that's what we are all about. rather than let's just try to distinguish ourselves based on race or class or gender. >> ron, always nice to see. >> you always good to see you, greta. >> straight ahead, the millennials, voters who once supported president obama now turn the tide for the g.o.p. the youngest republican congressman representative aaron shock is here next. plus the judge making a big ruling in the case of a maine nurse fighting ebola quarantine, you will hear what the nurse has to say about that ruling coming up. and big news. i have a new twitter handle so easy. it's now just at greta. you are still going to receive my tweets. moved over to my new twitter handle. if you are not following me yet right now during the break go to hit the follow but the done. more than 480,000 followers right now. get that up to a million. see more than a million followers at greta o
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now help with more republicans in columbus. representative campaign field in 19 states. congressman shock joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. good to be with you. >> nice to be with you. >> what makes you think that the millennials are going to go out and vote for republicans? and maybe they just want to stay home or maybe they will stick with the democrats. >> well, you know, despite the suggestion that young people aren't engaged in politics or what have you
11:23 pm
country's history the youth demographic young people outperformed every other demographic it terms of turnout. they outperformed the senior citizen demographic. working parent demographic. young people that voted in record numbers. they are the most identically ideologically. right now a a harvard study out last week that showed young people overwhelmingly shifting to the g.o.p. and republican candidates in the midterm election. i believe that the reason for that is because as i traveled around the country, young people are graduating from college. more of them are having to move back into their parents' homes because of a lack of jobs and opportunity for them. in fact, it's the highest rate of young people moving back in with their parents at any time in our country's history. they have record student debt. and they have been really let down by the president's promise that more government
11:24 pm
and more involvement in their life would somehow result in better outcomes and more opportunities and prosperity for them. but i also think that the president, yeah, the other thing. >> does that make them -- i mean, it sounds like they are disillusioned with president obama. and it sounds like if they are disillusioned they may just say whatever and stay home. what is it better for the republicans than if they two vote for the democrats. the republicans want to get the vote. what is it. >> i think two things, one, the republican party has shown that we're about job. growing economy. everything from our tax reform. tax laid out. laying out burdensome regulation. these young people are either working or businesses right now. or they are wanting to work for a business. they know that right now the obama economy has not worked well for them. they believe in providing some opportunity, some change in terms of who is
11:25 pm
running the country. the other thing is as i have heard from young people is their dissolution by the disengagement of president obama many of them young people by nature think that their government should work. things should operate. everything from ebola to the irs, you name it. the president operate as it should. so we know that a republican congress and senate would be a check and balance on the administration. >> one quick question, tuesday, if everything goes as you expect, will you still be the youngest g.o.p. congressman? >> i don't believe so. one of the people that i campaigned for is a bright young lady elise defonik 30 years old in upstate new york. she is leading in the polls right now. i firmly believe elise will not only be the youngest republican congress person but youngest congresswoman ever elected to congress in the history of our country at 30 years old. keep your eyes open for elise in upstate, new york.
11:26 pm
there is a lot of young republican candidates running across the country and i don't think i will be the youngest, which i'm fine with next tuesday. i'm getting older. >> all right. good. congressman, thank you, sir. >> good to be with you, greta. >> and talk about distancing yourself from president obama. arkansas democrat senator mark pryor calling president obama a drag on his re-election bid. re-election bid. would you will hear it for synchrony financial partners with over two hundred thousand businesses, from fashion retailers to healthcare providers, from jewelers to sporting good stores, to help their customers get what they want and need. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us.
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paragraph proof no secret some democratic can cats running away from president obama. job roberts said president obama is a, quote, drag on his re-election bid. >> well, you know, he has been a drag. i mean, i'm just going to be honest about that people here know that i have had my fair share of disagreements with him and you can look at, you know, gun control issues. look at keystone pipeline, you know, never supported one of the budgets. >> and our political panel "the washington post" jackie kucinich. the hill's alexandraaftery. "washington times" stephan -- you know that wasn't very flattering to the president. that's how he gets votes, right? >> sure. two problems the democrats are facing. first is president obama. what left him tied to president obama is the fact there is no agenda in congress. harry reid, democrats agreed they wouldn't allow votes on anything in congress this year. that means the only thing
11:31 pm
they have got president obama. so, you know, they can criticize him all they want. i don't think president obama is like the scourge of the party. but actually that's the same thing that happesident bush. it happens very common situation when the shoe was on the other foot with president bush. >> and then we saw big losses for the republican party in 2006 and so, you know, that's what a lot of folks are predicting for democrats this time around and why it is so concerning that president obama is seeing record low approval ratings again, this close to election day. so we have been seeing run away from him all cycle. now polling is coming back showing it's not working pryor north carolina and new hampshire where we essentially pretty much way ahead. polls are tightening as terrible for a democrat to say it about a democrat. we just know that the republicans have said it about republicans.
11:32 pm
i assume behind the scenes this has all been arranged. president wants a democratic senate. he is given the nod and wink, go ahead and run from me. >> election, republicans make this election about president obama. and to an extent they have succeeded in doing. so we saw in some of these debates the obama fill in the blank of the democratic candidate economy. and the obama fill in the blank healthcare law. and i think they knew and they were ready for those comparisons. it's just if it sticks and whether these people can stand out on their own two feet and some races they haven't been. they are all running from him as much as obama. i counted seven different democrats who tried to put distance from themselves. some of them i'm not sure i will be able to vote for him majority leader or minority leader, whatever, for democratic party coming up. so he is, as i said, is he part of the reason why they are in this predicament
11:33 pm
where they have nothing to be tied to president obama and at love them, you know, they started chasing against that at the end of the year in congress. saying let us have some votes it was too late it will be a real question what happens with him. >> he has been fundraising quite a bit for democratic incumbents. spending a lot. >> aren't they behind that pac in north carolina one of the ads that was pretty rough? >> i saw the report that, yeah. >> that was his pac. >> majority pac. >> what's the shocker, jackie, what are we shocked come tuesday? >> gosh, i don't know what we'll be shocked at. i think the north carolina race is one of the most interesting because kay hagan has run a near perfect race. she hasn't made any mistakes. thom tillis her opponent opponent wasn't popular in the state for. so things that he helped pass in the state house. yet if kay hag began loses republicans have a real problem on their hands this cycle. >> alexander, what do you think is going to be surprises. >> i'm watching kansas. that's a deep red state
11:34 pm
where we have pat roberts who could lose to an independent, a businessman named greg orman. >> if he loses, i think it's not so much the candidates against him. he hasn't been in kansas for six years. that's a little bit of a problem. >> yeah. exactly. he actually rents a room from a donor when he goes back for long periods of time. there secretary of defense he still hasn't fixed that problem. convinced kansans grass rootsz. still a tied race, despite the fact republicans is spent millions trying to peg him as a democrat. >> if joni earnst wins in iowa. first woman statewide elected iowa. why a little bit slow on this one? >> i think she is also the first senator and the first statewide woman elected. so she is -- and she is also military veteran fascinating candidate. interesting to see what happens with her. >> braley has gotten a lot of support from the big
11:35 pm
wigs, president clinton and hillary clinton. >> he has absolutely got than support. he has some real problems as a candidate in that state, obviously. he started off insulting chuck grassley. >> for being a farmer. >> for being a farmer in iowa g.o.p. legend. tough to recover from that, then he had this issue chickens crossing into the yard. it got worse and worse. >> surrogates for getting his name. >> panel, thank you. and remember, the dream of taking regular people, not astronauts, but regular people into space? the rocket ship designed to do just that explodes and at least one person is killed. the latest on the spaceship disaster is exin. plus, a big reunion in the works. texas nurses survived ebola getting ready to see her dog bentley. that's coming up. and check out fantastic new project. greta talk. it's a brand new pod cast launching today on itunes on your phone. log on to itunes right now during the break and subscribe. get the inside scoop with greta talk. it's automatic and easy and
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chilling scene rocket ship designed to take tourists into space california desert. one person is killed. fox news correspondent dominic di-natale is live in california with the latest. dominic? >> hey there, greta. virgin galactic spaceship 2 involved in an incident at 45,000 feet. the first pilot apping to parachute away from the space craft as it blew up landing in the desert here in the mojave. his colleague killed possibly on impact. is he in the local hospital the local sheriff telling me that his injuries are described as major what' appears to have happened is photographer saw the spaceship explode shortly after detaching from the white knight 2 high altitude
11:41 pm
terrier. no indications what could have caused that. but we do know that shaysship 2 h. recently changed the kind of solid fuel it was using. investigation very much focusing on what happened there the families of the two pilots have been notified. but neither virgin galactic nor indeed the local authorities issuing those names at this time. ground control learned of something going wrong two minutes after the detachment of ship two from white night two. they got strange readings right now richard branson is on his way over from europe. is he is expected to arrive first thing in the morning. we also understand the ntsb will have an investigation team arriving around 7:30. and they will go to the site some 25 miles from where we stand apparently debris strewn over several miles and actually quite a difficult site to access considering how many different pieces of the
11:42 pm
wreckage are actually spread so far, greta. >> dominic, so many people had put down deposits to be part of this program. some famous people, not so famous people. where does this program go from here? is it way too soon to ask that question? >> yeah, that's a really big question there. ang lee a jolie the actress was one of them. steve hawkins the scientist. richard branson himself was going to be one of the first people to be a commercial customer actually on the debut commercial flight it was supposed to take place in march or possibly as early as february next year. we do know that virgin galactic is in the middle of building a second spaceship but due to extensive testing for that craft obviously a lot more thorough testing after what's happened today. there is no indication yet at this time when should be able to get back in the air again. indeed, it just got bode well for the commercial exploration of space considering this is the second incident we have had terribly catastrophic incident we he have had in the space of a week, greta.
11:43 pm
>> dominic, thank you. and today in virginia jesse matthew the suspect in the kidnapping of uva co-ed hannah graham facing a judge. he appeared by closed circuit tv to face charges in another crime. matthew is charged, attempted murder and sexual assault in a 2005 attack on a young woman in northern virginia. most of today's hearing focused on who would represent matthew. the judge appointed a public defender over the objections of matthew's current defense lawyer. his current lawyer also requesting that matthew undergo a psychiatric evaluation. as for the uva co-ed case. matthew has not yet been charged with her murder, hannah graham's body was positively identified last week. and straight ahead, a terrifying new report on isis and al qaeda. it spells big danger. that's next. and during the break, talk to me on twitter using yoit greta.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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a new u.n. report finding foreign fighters are joining terrorist groups on an unprecedented scale. auto thousand syria and iraq alone. coming from 80 different countries. that means the threat of terrorism here in the united states is rising. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> glad to be with you. >> i don't know if you are a real big fan of the u.n. typically, but this report is pretty comprehensive and pretty terrifying. >> well, it is. it's very interesting. it's compiled by a group of experts for the u.n. security council pursuant to previously adopted security
11:49 pm
council resolutions. and it intends to survey where terrorists are coming from and what their strength is. and you mentioned some of the key points. 80 different countries. and specifically, i think what's of most interest here is that they estimate that something like 15,000 terrorists from europe and the united states and the west are fighting now with isis in iraq and syria. now, these are estimates. it is a u.n.t these are numbers significantly higher than the obama administration or western european governments have used. and it leads to the question: what happens when these people reoperate themselves back to their home countries. and those kinds of numbers, that's a potential grave problem. >> i will tell you what struck me is that, -- here, let me read from the summary. the first nine months of 2014 have seen a rise in the threat from al qaeda. movement as a whole. al qaeda and its associates continue to pose a threat to the lives of ordinary people.
11:50 pm
goes on to talk about movement. then down below says core al qaeda has not been extinguished. here is the problem back in 2012. i remember president obama speaking at the democratic national convention. he pretty much at least as i recall, his memory may be faulty said they were on the run. this report doesn't say they are on the run. just says that they are greying. it radio. well, you know, actually, the report agrees with the director of national intelligence general james clapper who basically testified to the same effect in open session in congress earlier this year. he said the terrorist threat from al qaeda and all of its loose affiliates was equal two or greater than what we saw before 9/11 in 2001. so i think that this is another piece of evidence that says the war on terror is not over. and the notion that we can just say oh, that stuff is so far away and act like it's not going to effect us, we can't ignore. i think it underlines why taliban and al qaeda potentially taking back over in afghanistan when the president withdraws american
11:51 pm
forces next year. if isis is allowed consolidate control over the vast territory used to be greater for jihadis,. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> let's all go off-the-record for main. this is so unfair. it's just plain lousiy. i just read online, yes, read online i'm not part of fox news management that the navy seal who killed usama bin laden has given fox news an interview and that interview will air in a november documentary. well, what's the problem? although the interview with the navy seal is complete, the pentagon is now giving the seal heat, saying that he is part of a nondisclosure agreement barring him from discussing the operation. really? so let me get this straight. others can talk about the operation that took usama
11:52 pm
bin laden down, and even take credit for killing him. but the guy, the navy seal who actually did it can not? that is so messed up. president obama is taking credit. and, yes, he deserves credit. he did give the order. that's fair because we all know if the mission had failed president obama would have gotten the blame. but president obama didn't do this one alone. the president can share the credit with the seal who actually did it, the one who actually risked his life to kill our number one enemy. by the way do not give me that national security excuse because that's silly. that can all be worked out in editing. if this hero wants to talk, he wants to tell us what happened, let him. i would like to hear from him. i want to know who he is. i also want it thank him. i bet you do too. i will be watching november 11th at 10:00 p.m. i hope you will too. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. coming up, you will hear from the main nurse fighting ebola quarantine. do not forget to watch it on hannity tonight 10:00 p.m.
11:53 pm
eastern. krauthammer joins sean tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. >> this group and its leader, a person named usama bin laden are linked to many other. >> united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden. the leader of al qaeda.
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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." flying cars. a silly idea that it is a complete waste of money, or silly idea that is a complete waste of time and money. it is the question the mainstream media refuses to ask. and why does the president predict dana marine gnaw will sound smarter than her colleagues? >> she has been doing it for decades. and finally, is this box of adorable kittens racist responsible for global warming, supporters of isis or all of the above. we will -- we will examine them in 50 wicks minutes. >> i'm dana perino in


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